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3 Tips for Interns

Morgan Hocker | Harrisburg | PR and Media Relations Intern

Upon graduating from college, I immediately began the job search.

After applying for most of the summer, I came across Bravo Group: a public and media relations firm in Harrisburg.

Not only did the opportunity seem exciting, but I wanted to learn more about this area of communications and what roles the firm takes on.

One of the most important things I learned, which became the groundwork for my internship, was: Ask questions.

Here are three things I learned during my internship … and yes, asking questions is one of them.

Ask questions!

It seems scary to ask too many questions such as “How do I do this task?” or “What does this mean?” But don’t be afraid! Ask or meet with a coworker who performs an area of interest to explore his or her role within the company.

Say yes to events, happenings and opportunities

Don’t make your internship into sitting at your desk all day. Find out what other events are going on in the office, seek learning opportunities and get in on the action! By doing this, not only can you build connections but you get an inside look at different realms of your field.

Jump into projects or bigger roles

Get outside of your comfort zone, and seek the chance to do things that will be great resume and skill builders.

As I continue to intern here for the rest of the fall and enter the real world, not only will I take what I learned with me but I will use it as the fuel to seek new and exciting opportunities.





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