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9 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Bravo Intern

Caitlin Collis | Wayne | PR and Communications Intern

It feels like it was just yesterday when I was writing my first intern blog here at Bravo Group. Now that I’m in my final week at Bravo, I am here to write my farewell blog. It was clear from the start of my internship I was going to learn a plethora of aspects of the communication and public relations industries that I hadn’t been exposed to before.

The knowledge I have gained over the course of my internship is more than I ever imagined. I would like to share the lessons I have learned at my time here at Bravo and hope that it can help you have a glimpse into Bravo’s world.

Here are 9 lessons I’ve learned at my time here at Bravo:

1. Take Initiative
Whether you have an interest in a client, event or dynamic of a project — take initiative to be a part of it. I’ve learned that sometimes when you want to be a part of something you have to take the first step and ask for it.

If you finish a project, ask for another one. Bringing attention to your interests will allow you to gain experience and make a lasting impression on your coworkers, who may think of you in the future for other projects and opportunities.

2. Make Your Goals Apparent
Set clear goals about what you want to achieve. For example, one of my goals was to gain hands-on experience with the media relations side of Bravo, specifically working on the pitch process from start to finish.

I brought this goal forward, not only to my internship coordinator but to other Bravo associates, as well. Because I discussed my goal with colleagues, I was given the opportunity to directly research, create and develop a pitch for one of our clients, Mercy Ships. I saw it go through the approval process, and finally be approved to be published on Prezly, a web service to create dynamic press releases.

3. Research and Think Proactively
Whether it’s creating media lists, pitches or blog posts, conducting proper research is imperative to great work. This means scanning through news coverage, social media, blogs, etc., to get a proper understanding of your clients and their industries. By reading, you will learn about your clients, their competitors and which reporters cover their industry so you’ll be better equipped to take on an active role.

For example, as you’re reading through news articles, identify industry trends and opportunities for pitching stories to your clients. This turns the act of researching from a reactive process to proactive brainstorming.

4. Write, Read, Edit, Revise, Submit, Repeat
If you didn’t know already, public relations and communications involve a lot of writing. The key to thriving in this field is being able to create, write and edit compelling content for clients. Having a strong skill set in writing and editing is very effective when it comes to clients, especially when the request is time-sensitive.

With consistently writing every day, whether it was social copy such as blogs, tweets or Facebook posts, or writing drafts of pitch letters — I’ve been able to revise and edit my work before it was sent off to our editors. What I took away from this writing experience is: strive to create, write and edit compelling content both diligently and efficiently.

5. Adopt New Skills
Build skills you think will be useful in your field such as writing social copy, developing media lists or analyzing social return on investment (ROI) for going into the fields of public relations and communication. Later, emphasize these skills on your resume and in interviews to help you stand out when you are applying for a job.

For example, one of the skills I’ve gained is a better understanding of, and the ability to utilize, social media management and monitoring platforms such as Hootsuite, Critical Mention, Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager. By knowing the ins and out of these platforms I am able to stand out because I know the best ways to track social media campaigns and even help measure social ROI for clients.

6. Be Versatile in Your Work-Style
I’ve learned what really makes a job challenging is having the flexibility to adapt to a changing situation. I have learned that if you spend all of your time on one or two tasks you will never get anything done.

Instead, you should learn to be flexible and organized when it comes to projects and tasks. It’s important to find a balance in your work-style so you can thrive in your work.

7. Punctuality is Essential
Manage your time well to get things done. When you manage your time well it shows that you’re dedicated to your work, and you’re capable of responsibility and professionalism.

This was one of the dynamics I quickly adapted to throughout my internship. By effectively using my time management skills I was able to strategically schedule projects. I learned how to prioritize my work and how to approach it, such as prioritizing a project with a time-sensitive deadline versus a long-term project.

8. Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork … It Really Does
One benefit of an internship is working in a professional environment alongside professionals. It’s intimidating at first, but taking an active role in working with a professional team gives you valuable experience you rarely get in college.

Furthermore, interacting with a great team makes work much more enjoyable and gives you the chance to network with more professionals.

9. Work Can Be Your Passion
Loving your job is a wonderful thing. Not only are you bringing forward great work, but you also get the added reward of feeling fulfilled, accomplished and satisfied each time you walk out of your office.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the passion and drive my associates here at Bravo have when they are working on a project for a client as well as working together. As I’ve said previously, it’s clear that this company strives to do its best in helping others to be their best.  

The lessons, knowledge, experiences and connections I have made over the course of my time here at Bravo are things I will cherish and take with me on my next journey —wherever that may be!

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