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Beyond Heads In Beds: Hospitals Doing More For Communities

There are many challenges in the changing health care landscape, and hospitals and health systems need to embrace them as opportunities.

Hospitals remain central to local communities, the place you go when you are really sick, but with changing reimbursements, contentious contract negotiations and increasing consolidation it’s hard to maintain the model they have worked under for many years.

The old mantra of “heads in beds” no longer applies. Hospital stays are shorter, more information is accessible to make choices about how to consume health care, and people are willing to travel farther to get what they want.

Hospitals and health systems can no longer focus on communicating about their newest MRI machine or recent hire. Quality and innovation have become expectations for consumers in health care.

Hospitals must embrace a new opportunity — connecting with their local communities.

Hospitals have been expanding their services into the community for years, but not many are making the connection about their contributions. The hospitals our parents and grandparents remember have ceased to exist.

They still maintain rooms and beds and that will always be necessary, but now their reach goes far beyond their walls. From food-insecurity programs and exercise and wellness classes to traditional education and support groups, hospitals are looking at their communities’ needs and answering the call.

Consumers want to be cared for beyond their clinical needs. They want to feel supported and have resources to keep themselves healthy. Hospitals and health systems need to embrace this evolution and expand their role as leaders in health.

Megan Dapp is a Senior Director with a strong background in legislative affairs and alliance development. Her responsibilities include the development and execution of integrated advocacy campaigns. With deep experience in healthcare, Megan does extensive work for Bravo Group’s clients within the life science industry.