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Global Women Leaders Get A Look At American Democracy

For one lunch last week, we had the feel of the United Nations. Nearly a dozen elected representatives and their interpreters speaking perhaps five different languages filled our conference room, with these politically active women from around the globe full of questions about how state government, federal government, communications and lobbying intersect in America.

These members of parliament and senators hailed from Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, Ghana, Guatemala, Jordan, Poland, Tanzania, Tunisia and Ukraine.

After spending the morning in the Pennsylvania Capitol, Bravo Group co-sponsored and hosted the lunch in our second floor conference room. The group visit was organized by the Women’s Democracy Network.

We discussed the many differences in how elections function across different countries, from campaigns and fundraising to political parties and free speech. We also covered how differently lobbyists — if they are even permitted — must operate in the variety of nations.

The visitors learned about how we combine our on-the-ground lobbying with digital communications and building advocacy networks to shape the debate on numerous issues.

Using a recent win on successfully advocating an expansion and increase of the sales tax on tobacco products on behalf of our client the American Cancer Society, Bravo government relations specialist Margaret Durkin provided a case study on how multiple tactics can come together for success in American state capitols.

After the lunch, the group headed back to Washington, D.C., to continue learning the American system.

Despite language, gender and cultural differences, it is clear we all want the same things — a responsive democracy that affords opportunities to all. In any language, that’s progress.

Chris Bravacos created the firm that wins tough fights, pioneering the campaign-style approach to public purpose advocacy in Pennsylvania. Under his direction, Bravo Group has earned an unmatched reputation for delivering high-stakes victories on behalf of a client base rich in influential corporations and causes.