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Dennis Walsh: Not your typical government relations guy

For Bravo Group’s president of government relations Dennis Walsh, much of his work happens behind the scenes, where he leads a team of six lobbyists who work on behalf of the firm’s clients.

But this month, Walsh steps into the forefront himself as he’s featured in an article in Business2Business magazine.

The article profiles Walsh’s career from the state Senate to the staff of former Governor Tom Ridge to his current role leading Bravo’s government relations team.

In a three-decade career spent influencing legislative policy, Walsh has developed myriad relationships with lawmakers and other influencers across the state. He says the key for his team is understanding the issues that matter to his clients. According to the article:

“It’s really part of Bravo’s approach to issues, there is much more research into issues up front,” he says, likening his team and himself to “closers,” who work behind the scenes to promote the conversation around a topic long before they ever approach the legislative action they’re advocating.

“We make sure that there’s an awareness of the issue before we even go visit a legislator,” he says. “The goal of Bravo Group is that when I go see you and ask for [a legislator’s] support, you’ve already heard about the issue, you know you have constituents who support the issue or share my position. So the business has changed from I think a business predicated on my personal relationship with you to what are the political implications of me voting because every constituent I represent is going to know my position on the issue.”

Check out the rest of the article to learn more about a major player in Harrisburg’s political landscape.


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