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Philadelphia is Gateway to PA Becoming An Energy Leader

Major interstate and highway access. Pipeline infrastructure. Deep river channels and state of the art docks.  Railroad assets.  World-class universities.  Highly-skilled, available labor.  Access to financial markets.

And a heritage of world-class energy leadership dating back to the 19th Century when the Pews founded Sun Oil.

Now everyone is asking if the The City of Brotherly Love has what is takes to be the next global energy hub.

Without pause I can tell you it does.

The economic impact of what’s occurring in Philadelphia and across the state in terms of natural gas production is something that only happens once in a lifetime.

Studies show that the Mariner East projects are expected to add up to $4.2 billion to Pennsylvania’s economy and support more than 30,000 jobs during the construction period and approximately 300 to 400 permanent jobs –  that adds up to the biggest private investment in state history.

We’re talking about entry level operator jobs that can make approximately $80,000 a year right off the bat – these are family-sustaining jobs that are helping reignite the economies of blue collar towns across the commonwealth. Towns like Marcus Hook in Delaware County.

There’s also the large ancillary petrochemical market in the Delaware Valley where the demand for chemical feedstock is at an all-time high.

Philadelphia is already the second-largest petrochemical center in the United States behind the Gulf of Mexico. Industries should focus on Marcus Hook instead of existing terminals and petrochemical plants along the Gulf Coast because it makes more sense to move natural gas liquids (NGLs) 350 miles to a demand center rather than 1,200 miles to the Gulf Coast.

Make no mistake about it, Philadelphia is the state’s gateway to becoming a major energy player in the global market.

And Philadelphia’s place as an energy hub is what many are counting on to put Pennsylvania on an international stage and in a key role in the world market place.

Chris Getman is co-lead of Bravo Group’s energy infrastructure practice, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in public relations, corporate and marketing communications and advocacy expertise to Bravo’s energy clients.