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Shale Insight highlights Pennsylvania as an energy industry leader

This week’s conference will draw oil and natural gas CEOs, trade groups, vendors

On Aug. 28, 1859, Pennsylvania struck gold — or rather oil — and became the site of one of the first successful uses of a drilling rig at a wellsite near Titusville, just north of Pittsburgh. The state became an energy leader, remaining responsible for half of the world’s production of oil until the Texas boom of 1901.

Fast-forward 145 years, and Range Resources put Pennsylvania and the entire Appalachian basin back on the map by drilling the first successful Marcellus Shale well. Technological advances cracked open this promising natural gas play, and it did not disappoint. Since January 2012, the Marcellus and Utica regions have accounted for 85 percent of the increase in natural gas production, making Pennsylvania a driving force in America’s energy revolution.

This week, Pennsylvania will again stand in the spotlight of the energy industry when it hosts the 2017 Shale Insight conference on Sept. 27-28 in Pittsburgh.

Each year, Shale Insight brings together CEOs, trade groups and vendors from the oil and natural gas industry. Just about any thought leader who touches the upstream, midstream or downstream supply chain typically can be found at the Shale Insight conference. I’ll be attending on behalf of the Stream, bringing you multimedia updates throughout the event.

Today, the Marcellus is the most prolific shale gas play in the country, producing more than 20 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Gas production from Pennsylvania has been a game changer for the state and for the United States. We’ve seen new economies — such as the Shell cracker plant in western Pennsylvania — being created here at home, and we’ve seen a shift in how power is generated across the nation. Domestic natural gas has even played a major role in keeping the United States at the forefront of power-generation emissions reductions, which have dropped significantly since 1990, according to the EPA.

It’s clear why Shale Insight draws attendees from across the country. Our state is the epicenter for gas production that is fueling our nation’s economy, heating our homes, powering our lights and cleaning our air. The industry’s importance was highlighted last year when then-presidential candidate Donald Trump keynoted the conference, discussing the importance of the valuable resource miles beneath our feet.

This year’s conference will be composed of smaller panel discussions on topics including:

  • Rebuilding America through affordable and abundant energy
  • The regulatory environment in the Appalachian basin
  • Technology and innovation in shale development
  • Water and waste management
  • Increasing energy access in the developing world

And that’s just a sample.

If you’re heading to the event, keep an eye out for the Stream Team. We’ll be on the ground capturing interviews, recaps and insights from top industry voices and attendees to share with you.

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Joe Massaro is an account executive specializing in the energy industry and linear infrastructure projects.