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Taglines are a Must in Brand Positioning

To me, one of the best company brand positioning lines (taglines) ever isn’t famous or from a gigantic, international company.

It’s actually from SERVPRO, a company that cleans up homes and businesses after a fire or flood.

Their tagline:

Like it never even happened.

I don’t see how anything could be more perfect.

It’s brilliant.

It’s memorable, specific and plays to the emotional – you get your home back just the way it was before.

It captures the absolute essence of what SERVPRO does.

Weird thing is, the tagline (to me) is way better than the company name.

But I guess hitting two home runs is too much to ask for.

When we work on rebranding projects, I always keep Like it never even happened in my head as the standard to shoot for – assuming our client should use a tagline.

There’s debate on whether most organizations even need one.

Some experts say use a tagline only if your company is new, or if you’re an established company trying to reposition yourself in the marketplace.

My view is that it always helps to think in terms of a tagline, even if you end up not using it.

It focuses your thinking and services as an exercise in clarity, and is therefore a useful step in the brand positioning process.

Whatever you do, be specific and be memorable.

Taglines along the lines of Committed to quality are pointless – a line like that could literally be slung next to anyone’s logo.

Knuckle down and shoot for something great…like SERVPRO.

Bill Spinner leads marketing communications at Bravo Group, turning complex client challenges into persuasive, powerful and creative campaigns. An expert in positioning companies and causes to win, Bill develops advertising plans; executes campaigns for print, television, radio and digital advertising; and develops high-impact marketing materials. Throughout his career Bill has created award-winning campaigns for major U.S. and international firms.