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The End of the Beginning

Sarah Baldauf | Harrisburg | CCG Writing Intern

When you arrive at Bravo Group on the first day of your internship, you are greeted by a number of friendly faces, many of whom were interns at one point. These people are more than willing to tell you what an exceptional organization Bravo is — unsurprisingly!

When I started, I thought a lot of what I was hearing was embellished or exaggerated for the sake of introduction. However, 15 weeks later, I can honestly tell you, they weren’t exaggerating.

As I leave Bravo, a place where I have learned so much in the past few months, I am taking a few important life lessons for my future endeavors.

Work smart
Originally, I wanted to say “work hard” because everyone at Bravo Group is extremely focused, attentive and on task, despite the temptations for distraction in an open office. However, there is more to their work ethic than the finished product.

There is a lot that goes on throughout a project’s lifespan here at Bravo. The whole team, including project managers, writers, editors and designers, works together. The entire process is timely, organized and well executed. It is one of the reasons I enjoyed working here so much.

Listen well
As someone who is about to graduate college and enter the “real world,” I don’t think this life lesson can be understated, nor do I think you can ever stop relearning this one. You should always listen well — whether you are being briefed on a project or you are simply having a conversation with someone, it is a sign of respect to listen to what is being said.

During my internship, I sat in on a meeting for one of our health care clients. The team was brainstorming ways to increase engagement on a specific topic, and it was evident I would not have much to contribute. However, I listened to what was going on throughout the meeting and eventually had one idea to share.

It was only one little thing and, even without my input, they probably could have reached a similar conclusion, but because I was invested and listening to hear, not speak, I was able to observe and understand the meeting before giving input.

Have fun
My desk was situated right next to the polls on the fourth floor. These polls are taken very seriously — no really, the Seven Commandments of Poll Making are written on the board. The polls ranged from questions like, “Does a straw have one hole or two?” (I think it has one hole with two entrances) to “Should the air conditioning be turned off?”

The day polls were changed was an exciting day for everyone in the office. People would gather, debate and vote with a red marker on whichever option they felt the most moved by. It was a simple tradition, but one I will remember fondly.

The people on my floor were kind, hardworking and fun-loving people, and I appreciated that about the whole atmosphere I worked in.

And, of course, my intern family has made all the difference in my experience here. So, to my fellow fall 2018 interns, thank you for contributing to an amazing internship. I wish you all the best!

As I leave Bravo Group, I am reminded of a Winston Churchill quote, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

I am moving on from Bravo, although I hope to cross paths in the future, but this is not the end. It is only the beginning for me.

This chapter is closing, but I am so grateful for the experience Bravo has given me.

Bravo Intern