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The Gravity of Living Well

Sarah Baldauf | Harrisburg | CCG Writing Intern

When I was in kindergarten, I would go to my half-day class, come home and immediately play pretend with my mom for an hour. I had my Little People dolls and my plastic neighborhood, ready to create a vibrant life for every member of that community. Through playing pretend, I developed a love for words and empathy for my dolls as they faced “trials.” It was liberating to create a little world for these personae.

While it is kind of silly to look back on, playing pretend is what gave me a foundation and love for writing and speaking. Playing house and school developed my relational and speaking skills, and taught me how to be bold.

I have really always loved writing; my notebook is a graveyard of unfinished ideas, and my bookcase is a graveyard of unfinished notebooks. In my opinion, writing is like an orchestra on paper.

To write well is to find the common chord for self-reflection, consumers, artists or whoever your audience may be. There is so much power in language and being able to use it well is an imperative skill, especially in today’s digital day and age. Now, there is proof of everything you write and say — pretty much forever.

I am on the precipice of graduating with a degree in public relations with a minor in education from Messiah College this December. Truthfully, I feel like I am back in kindergarten with my Little People dolls in my hand or sitting with a fresh notebook, ready to create a story of trials and triumphs. Only this time, I am not sure of what the future holds for my protagonist.

As the writing intern here at Bravo, I can’t help but marvel at the opportunity to write across platforms for clients of various industries with different goals and objectives.

I love the gravity and responsibility of being a writer and feel so grateful to have the chance to articulate the truest form of a company throughout my projects. I know, no matter how old I am, each moment I am alive and existing I am contributing to the development of the future, and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

I look forward to continuing to learn and grow here at Bravo Group, and I cannot wait to experience what life has for me in the coming months.

Bravo Intern