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The Magic of New Beginnings

Morgan Hocker | Harrisburg | PR Intern

When I graduated college, I didn’t know what the next opportunity would hold. They don’t tell you how “the real world” will be once you walk across the stage.

But, soon enough I found an internship at Bravo Group. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew this was a new beginning. From the first day I walked in, I was greeted with open arms by Bravo staff and fellow interns and an endless amount of opportunities.

Now that the five months have gone by, I reflect back on all that I have learned. Here are a few of the things I have learned that made up the “magic” of this new beginning.

How Public, Media and Government Relations Intersect
When I first came to Bravo, I had no clue how these three disciplines could ever relate. However, throughout my internship, I became an expert when attending a day at the capital with fellow intern, Caitlin Collis, as well as Margaret Durkin, how these three compliment each other.

Take Action, Ask Questions
When Bravo staff told me to ask questions during the company introduction, it wasn’t a lie. I began to ask more questions, seek opportunities and truly get myself involved. In doing this, not only did I learn more, but I was able to get more experience. For example, I attended client events and news conferences.

The Function of the Media
From tracking media coverage, working on large-scale events and preparing materials, I have learned how the media is a critical part of public relations and exactly what role the media plays in public relations.

As I say farewell to Bravo, although it will be hard to say goodbye, there’s something about trusting the magic of new beginnings in the next opportunity.

I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience, and to have developed the relationships I have with my co-workers and fellow interns.

Bravo Intern