Opportunity and Experience


When you walk up to the Bravo Harrisburg office, you feel as though you’re walking into endless opportunities and experiences.

A Day on the Hill


Looking straight up in front of me on Third Street stands an enormous white building with a large green dome on top and flights of concrete stairs pouring down from it.

The Gravity of Living Well


When I was in kindergarten, I would go to my half-day class, come home and immediately play pretend with my mom for an hour.

3 Tips for Interns


Morgan Hocker | Harrisburg | PR and Media Relations Intern Upon graduating from college, I immediately began the job search. After applying for most of the summer, I...

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Internships - Summer 2019

Summer 2019 - Public Relations-Communications Internships (Harrisburg, Wayne) - We offer a hands-on internship position that enables students to jump right into the fast-paced world of public relations and advocacy. Our interns truly become part of the team – participating in brainstorming sessions, attending events, working with the media and implementing social media campaigns.

Summer 2019 - Writing Internship (Harrisburg) - Our hands-on writing internship enables students to develop content for multiple and diverse audiences. Our writing interns write various communications pieces including blog posts, social media posts, press releases, letters to editors, and opinion pieces.

Summer 2019 - Video Production Internship (Harrisburg) - Our video production interns participate in the creative process, shooting events, and designing and editing videos, motion graphics and animations.

Summer 2019 - Graphic Design Internship (Harrisburg) - Our Graphic Design internship enables students to develop creative concepts and designs to meet client objectives.

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