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Win Tough Fights®

When you're doing everything right but you're still not winning.

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We work on behalf of companies and causes where government and public opinion impact success. Holistic discovery. Clear strategy for activation, based on insight. Behind-the-scenes outreach to our relationship network. Agnostic media and channel choices. Original content development. Speed. No tangle. No stone unturned.  

Our People

We have developed skills as reporters, government officials, political strategists, public relations experts, market researchers, data analysts and lobbyists. Our diversity of experience delivers a unique blend of thinking, strategy and execution.  

You Can Expect

We swiftly identify issues and the triggers that influence audience understanding. We identify every communications channel, choreograph communications with precision, measure with analytics and leverage for efficiency and effectiveness. We focus on winning because often clients don’t realize they’re in a fight. It can be a short-term challenge or a long-term problem. Either way, we bring dynamic skills together and do everything possible to help our clients win.  

Government Relations

Helping organizations build relationships with policymakers


Generating support to influence people and issues


Serving learning organizations in all sectors


Strengthening relationships, satisfaction and loyalty

Hospitals & Health Systems

Connecting organizations, patients and policymakers

Life Sciences

Advocating for medical innovation and cures

Energy & Infrastructure

Helping companies get projects done on time and on budget

Financial Services

Advancing consumer understanding of financial topics


Chris Bravacos

President + CEO

Created the firm that wins tough fights

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We are a team of more than 90 experts. Let's meet.

Our Vision

We lead. What makes us different is that we combine these disciplines collaboratively to give our clients custom strategy and execution.



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